Fashion week – 27 september > 5 october 2021

Women’s Fashion Week is the most anticipated fashion event and returns twice a year. In February and September, the big brands unveil their ready-to-wear collections: clothes and accessories produced in series and not made to measure, intended to be sold in their various points of sale six months later. At the end of winter, the following autumn-winter collections are presented, while the spring-summer collections parade at the end of summer. While more and more large cities are organizing their own fashion weeks (Tokyo, Seoul, Istanbul, Sao Paulo …), fashion week historically travels from New York to Paris via London then Milan, stopping for a few days in each of these four great fashion capitals. More and more famous, the Fashion weeks of Copenhagen, Seoul and Lagos have also made a lot of talk in recent seasons.

What is Paris Fashion Week?
Trademark, Paris Fashion Week refers to all the parades that take place in Paris twice a year for women and two more times for men. It can also commonly refer to the week of haute couture fashion shows, but this is a misnomer.

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